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Slenderman, A Rangy Man, Is Pinnate, Not Papilionaceous, And Brings About Contumelies.

In Words on August 13, 2012 at 00:01

Welcome to Randomly Awesome Words! 

Pinnate |ˈpināt, -it|


  • having leaflets arranged on either side of the stem, typically in pairs opposite each other
  • having branches, tentacles, etc., on each side of an axis, like the vanes of a feather

Contumely |kənˈt(y)o͞oməlē|

Noun (pl. contumelies)

  • insolent or insulting language or treatment

Involution |ˌinvəˈlo͞oSHən|


  • entanglement; a spiralling inwards; intricacy
  • An endofunction whose square is equal to the identity function; a function equal to its inverse

Panegyric |ˌpanəˈjirik|


  • a formal speech or opus publicly praising someone or something

Rangy |ˈrānjē|


  • slender and long of limb
  • prone to roaming around with animal-like movements

Frisson |frēˈsôN|


  • a sudden surge of excitement
  • a shiver

Snollygoster |ˈsnälēˌgästə(r)|


  • (obsolete) A shrewd person not guided by principles, especially a politician

Papilionaceous |pəˌpilēəˈnāSHəs|


  • having the form of a butterfly
  • having corolla with two wings resembling those of a butterfly

These are the words for today, Sunday, August 12, 2012.



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