Randomly Awesome Words

The Parallelogram’s Money Was A Solution To Make New Expressions About Misfortune

In Words on September 16, 2010 at 11:00

Today is Thursday, September 16 2010 and it’s another great day for RAWords!

Gnomon |ˈnōmän|

  • the projecting piece on a sundial that shows the time by the position of its shadow
  • (Geometry) the part of a parallelogram left when a similar parallelogram has been taken from its corner

Exchequer |eksˈ ch ekər; iks-|

  • a royal or national treasury.

Panacea |ˌpanəˈsēə|

  • a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases

Neologism |nēˈäləˌjizəm|

  • a newly coined word or expression

Schadenfreude |ˈ sh ädənˌfroidə|

  • pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.


Come up with creative or inspiring sentences with the words used below or a different randomly awesome word and have it featured in the SENTENCE SUNDAY post. This is a new segment I’ll be doing where, instead of definitions I’ll use words from the week as well as one new word in sentences or stories. Feel free to suggest words or send sentences as a comment or to randomlyawesomewords@gmail.com

  1. The exchequer’s panacea for the dwindling fortunes of the country was to tax the rampant neologism that was sweeping the nation, but he realized a strange schadenfreude at the inability of may of the people to pay it…even if it was only turning over the gnomon from a neighbor’s garden.


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