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The Painting’s Benevolence Was Ineffable When Destroying Its Clock

In Words on September 15, 2010 at 11:00

Categories are way too hard! Say hello to the all-new NO CATEGORIES system! It’s like bonuses galore!

-spoliation |ˌspōlēˈā sh ən|:

the action of ruining or destroying something

the action of taking goods or property from somewhere by illegal or unethical means

-abhor |abˈhôr| ( -horred , -horring ):

•regard with disgust and hatred

-ineffable |inˈefəbəl|:

•too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words

• not to be uttered

-zeitgeber |ˈtsītˌgābər; ˈzīt-|:

•a cue given by the environment, such as a change in light or temperature, to reset the internal body clock.

-Pecksniffian |pekˈsnifēən|:

•affecting benevolence or high moral principles.

-limn |lim|:

•depict or describe in painting or words.

• suffuse or highlight (something) with a bright color or light

  1. You forgot a definition of Spoliation; that is the intentional or negligent destruction, concealment or alteration of evidence.


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