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The indians made music on a medley of african wines

In Words on September 12, 2010 at 02:00

Before I get to the words I would like to officially say- We’re (I’m) back! Desssilu is gone, but snowsurfer is here to stay. So lets get right to todays words of the day–

Beothuk  – |ˈbāəˌθoŏk|: a member of an extinct North American Indian people of Newfoundland.(also) the language of this people, of unknown affinity.

opuscule – |ōˈpəskyoōl| also opusculum |ōˈpəskyələm|: a small or minor literary or musical work.

oenophile |ˈēnəˌfīl|: a connoisseur of wines.

Bonus Words:

gallimaufry |ˌgaləˈmôfrē|: a confused jumble or medley of things.

akee |aˈkē; ˈakē| (also ackee): a tropical tree that is cultivated for its fruit. Native to West Africa, it has been introduced into the West Indies and elsewhere.

• the fruit of this tree, widely eaten as a vegetable, but which can be poisonous unless cooked.



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