Randomly Awesome Words

His Leadership Vanished When He Lost His Energy

In Words on June 10, 2009 at 12:45

Welcome to Randomly Awesome Words!

Todays Category is: Leaving

  • Decamp – |diˈkamp|: Depart suddenly.
  • Evanesce – |ˌevəˈnes|: Pass out of sight, memoryor existence.

Bonus Words:

  • Hegemony – |həˈjemənē; ˈhejəˌmōnē|: Leadership or dominance, esp. by one country or social group over others.
  • Circumlocution – |ˌsərkəmˌlōˈkyoō sh ən|: The use of many words where fewer would do, esp. in a deliberate attempt to be vague or evasive.
  • Ebullient – |iˈboŏlyənt; iˈbəlyənt|: Cheerful and full of energy.


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