Randomly Awesome Words

The Expert In Taste Says That Cheese Makes Him Happy

In Words on May 30, 2009 at 12:46

Welcome to Randomly Awesome Words!

Todays Category is: Happyness Starts with E

  • Eudaemonic – |ˌyoōdəˈmänik|: Conducive to happiness.
  • Ecstatic – |ekˈstatik|: Feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful.
  • Enrapture – |enˈrap ch ər|: To give joy.

Bonus Words:

  • Turophile – |toor’-oh-file|: A connoisseur of cheese; a cheese fancier.
  • Connoisseur – |ˌkänəˈsər; -ˈsoŏr|: An expert judge in matters of taste.



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