Randomly Awesome Words

I Wrote A Jeremiad Because The Cheval-De-Frise Poked Me

In Words on May 29, 2009 at 22:28

Welcome to Randomly Awesome Words!

Todays Category is: Music

  • Crescendo – |krəˈ sh endō|: A gradual increase in loudness in a piece of music.
  • Bassoon – |bəˈsoōn; ba-|: A bass instrument of the oboe family with a double reed.

Bonus Words:

  • Cheval-De-Frise – | sh əˈval də ˈfrēz|:portable obstacle, consisting of a wooden frame covered with spikes or barbed wireused by the military to close off a passage or block enemy advancement.
  • Jeremiad – |ˌjerəˈmīəd; -ˌad|: A long, mournful complaint or lamentationa list of woes.


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