Randomly Awesome Words


In Words on May 19, 2009 at 18:05

Welcome To Randomly Awesome Words!

Today’s Category is: Word That Remind Me of Food!

  • Acetify -|æsitifaɪ|: To make sour or more sour.
  • Jambosa Jambos – |’dʒæmbɑs|: Used in some classifications for rose apples.
  • Ablate – |æ’bleɪt|: 1. Wear away through erosion or vaporization. 2. Remove an organ or bodily structure.
  • Farrago – |fərɑ:goʊ|: A motley assortment of things.
  • Galantine – |’gælənti:n|: Boned poultry stuffed then cooked and covered with aspic; served cold.
  • Acipenseridae – |ummm|: Sturgeon. (the fish)

Bonus Word:

  • Fartingbag – |Just sound it out|: First stomach of the cow.

What words remind you of food?



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